Become a Signal Provider with Mirormi

Boost your earnings by allowing others to follow your trading strategies.

Make every trade counts. Be it profit or management fee.

Only at Mirormi can you be truly leveraged to make money regardless of market condition

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Earn Multiple Streams of Income during Trading and became Asia Top Earning Signal Providers ONLY at Mirormi

4 Revenue Streams to host your trading community, trading portfolio, trading manager, e-mam trading
or self trading account or EA trader or instit trader at Mirormi.

Earn performance fee as you turn every opportunity into multiple streams of income

Earn daily subscription fee while waiting for good exit

Earn volume fee as you specialise in making a fortune from scalping or big lot sizes

Earn management fee to cover your management effort if this makes profitable sense to all

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Multiple Streams of Income
Time is money. Every trade you made will be appreciated and compensated for your efforts by your followers. Your followers can now follow you in the professional quest to earn from the market with your tried and tested strategies.
Leaderboard & Publicity
When you are ranked within the top 10 among all our Signal Providers, you will enjoy published publicity to thousands of website visitors, existing followers and the global media.
Dedicated Displayed Statistics
Signal Provider has a dedicated page to display his performance graph, performance table and overall statistics for trades status.

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How To Set Up Your Signal Business Account


Register a MT4 Money Account to start your Signal Provider business


Publish and Draw traffic to follow your signals as you monetise iva your social channels


Earn 4 streams of income with every trade you made globally from and together with your followers


Establish and sustain your performance and followers will sustain your other engagement fees apart from trading

Register For Your Money Account to
Mirror > Copy > Earn like a Pro!

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and enable us to bridge your trading business and revenues to the next level.
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